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May there be peace inside your walls. May your people be kept safe.” – Psalm 122:7

5 Reasons to use Watermark

  1. Qualified – Licensed and insured in CA and NV
  2. Experienced – Real life experienced professionals from law enforcement and military
  3. Reliable – Always there
  4. Dependable – Do what needs to be done
  5. Provides real security – not a warm body in a uniform shirt

Watermark has been vetted by BSIS in California and PILB in Nevada and maintains a Private Patrol License in both states. Watermark also has a Private Investigator license in California. This permits us to conduct investigations and armed/unarmed protection services in CA in addition to protection and consultation services in both states.



No one likes to have to terminate employees. In recent times, it has become necessary to take precautions to ensure company safety when a termination has to happen. Having a professional presence on site during the termination and the days to follow shows your employees you care about making their work environment safe.

Watermark can provide company training regarding potential Active Shooter Incidents. Training teaches personnel how to respond and stay alive if such an incident should occur.

Watermark Protection Group provides threat assessments for your business and can start your commercial/retail loss prevention programs showing you how to save money!

If you believe your circumstances demand the best, then you need a Protection Specialist from Watermark.

  • Employee Terminations
  • Threat Assessment
  • Hostile work environment training/Active Shooter



Watermark can establish a loss prevention program for your business.

Programs can range from ways to lower your shrink to putting loss prevention apprehension agents in place. At Watermark, we understand our client’s needs to control inventory and maintain safety. Our clients understand that it takes professionals in the security-protection business to effectively and realistically protect people and property.

  • Undercover Employee
  • LP Design
  • Camera recommendations and placement

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