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Executive Protection

Watermark Investigations & Protection Group provides the services of personal security and executive protection. The Watermark security programs offer a full spectrum of professional services for your business, personal protection, personal assets or special events.

Watermark Investigations & Protection Group does not employ average personnel. Our agents come from all types of professional backgrounds, including military, law enforcement and private security. All of them are required to pass vetting and then attend our specialized training courses. Our stringent selection process ensures that our clients only get ​professional ​personnel at their venues​ who are prepared to handle any situation​.

Watermark Specialists have extensive training with weapons, defensive tactics and legal aspects​ of security and protection​. Our law enforcement ODO’s (Off Duty Officers) have special teams training while our military personnel have combat training. All armed Specialists have field experience with “Shoot-Don’t Shoot” situations/  Other companies offer just armed guards. Our Specialist are trained in “customer service” and “liability reduction”. This ensures that our clients’ interests are secured while reducing their exposure to risk and or liability.

Watermark Protection Group only supplies security agents in exemplary physical condition that can only be surpassed by their professional demeanor. We believe that “attitude” is everything.


Watermark Investigations & Protection Group can provide protection with the following:

  • Armed or Unarmed security personnel
  • Plain clothes “Blend In” assignments
  • Executive Protection
  • Employee Terminations
  • Special Event Security
  • Global Travel
  • Estate Security
  • Threat Assessment
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Security Equipment
  • Armed Transport
  • ​Hostile Workplace Training and Prevention
  • Corporate/Retail Loss Prevention

If you do not see a service you need please call and speak to an expert security consultant.


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