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“A good name is more desirable than great riches” Proverbs 22:1

Why Choose Watermark Investigations

We provide trusted investigations and diligent security.

Private Investigations

Knowledge is power and we will provide it professionally and in a way that generates results.

Business Investigations

Enable your organization with properly vetted data that keeps your business running at the optimum levels.

Protection Specialists

Our security team is trained in customer service, liability reduction, and current safety technologies.

Cannabis Security Services

Work with a firm that understands the unique challenges you experience as a Cannabis business. We are that firm.

Who We Are

We are more than investigators and security guards, we are information and safety consultants.

About Us

At Watermark we do not employ traditional investigators and security guards. We recruit specialists. Our team consists of experts in observation, evaluation, and action for protection of you, your family, and your property. Our stringent selection process ensures that our clients are served by superior personnel. We provide all levels of investigation, protection, and security and our staff come from varied backgrounds including law enforcement and the military so you can be assured your experience will be a productive one.

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Background Checks
Person & Asset Location
Commercial Security

our Cutting Edge Technology

To be effective at what we do we have to one step ahead.

Data Collection Tools

We have access to some of the most advanced equipment available to find and surveil subjects and provide you with actionable intel.

Drone Footage

The eye in the sky never lies and we can provide you with bird's eye view surveillance.

Powerful Network

With a vast database of contacts at many levels of influence we leverage a new school approach to an old school methodology.


Changing the Perception
Of Security

When we hear the term 'security guard' we tend to conjur up images of Paul Blart Mall Cop or maybe one that suddenly breaks into some dance moves at your local sporting event. Most people think of donuts and extended naps. Either way we treat security different than any stereotype you might be able to think of. Our uniformed security personnel are:

  • Toughly background and vetted. BSIS & PILB compliance is necessary.
  • Trained to anticipate issues that may occur
  • Paid well to attract only the best and brightest talent available

Protection Specialists You Can Depend On

Experience the Difference

Expect More

Information and protection is our business.  We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations through attention to detail, tireless investigative work, and battle tested protection experience.  When you are looking for results and true partner to see your investigation or protection service needs met, Watermark is here to help.


These are questions we get asked a lot and thought it might be helpful to post them here.

Do Your Security Guards Carry Weapons?

This will completely depend on the situation at hand. Some clients require a higher level of security that might require weapons, however in some cases self-defense skills would be more appropriate.

Do You Do Background Checks?

This is one of our most common requested services and because of that we are very skilled in this area. We have the necessary tools to give you a very clear and actionable picture on who you might be bringing in to your family or workplace.

Can I Perform My Own Investigation?

You can certainly find a lot these days via Google and social media networks but in our experience that what you might be looking for is hiding deeper under the surface and requires expertise and access far beyond the normal consumer.

Are You Licensed?

Absolutely! We are licensed in both security and private investigation in California & Nevada for security. California Investigators License California Private Patrol Operator License Nevada Private Patrol Operator License CA PI #22829 • CA PPO #119716 • NV PPO #2001B

How Do I Hire You?

Whether you are looking for an investigator or security service you can call us at 805.265.0102 or email and we will respond right away to discuss your needs.

How Is My Privacy Guaranteed?

The biggest concern our investigation clients have especially when we are asked to surveil a loved one is maintaining their privacy. We take this very serious and have the appropriate protocol to ensure that you are in control when and if you would like to reveal yourself to the subject.

Safety Tips

We are committed to providing you with insider information on how you and your family can be safer out there.

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We look forward to being of assistance to you.

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