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The email might look like a routine message from a legitimate company, like a tracking notice from a shipping company. If you click on the hyperlink in the email, Cryptolocker encrypts everything on your hard drive and in your shared folders.

When the job is done, you get a “ransom note” demanding payment via Bitcoin or some other anonymous payment method.

The criminals behind this malware say they’ll give you the encryption key if you pay, but they’re hardly trustworthy. And there’s no other way to unlock your files. For tips about how to protect your business from Cryptolocker, read Lock, stock, and peril. Computer security experts say the best way to minimize the damage Cryptolocker can do is to back up your computer files often.

There are other good computer security habits that can help you avoid downloading Cryptolocker and other malware, too. To learn more, read Back, back, back it up, and watch Protect Your Computer from Malware.

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